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Aim and Objectives

Our Aim & Objectives

  • The spread or promotion of education of learning studies in all its branches in such a manner as the Trustees may think fit including Establishment and/or acquisition and maintananceof and support of schools, colleges, institution, libraries, reading rooms, museums, Vidyapiths, Balmandirs.
  • Old age homes, orphanages, study centres, universities and other institutions for imparting education and training of sdtudents.
  • Establishment and/or acquisition of professional, institutions imparting training in the fields of polytechnic for women, management, humanities, trade, commerce, allied technology or any other faculties useful for the development of intellectuals in the society or public at large and all to facilitate the research work development and other allied fields beneficial for the community.
  • Enter into collaboration with other institutions of higher learning (inside or outside the country) of National and international repute in any field, academic and professional managements, applied science, medical, engineering, technology and research etc. on the terms and conditions suited to the Trust for preparing the trained young intellcctuals beneficial for the community in contemporary global scenario.
  • Establishment and/or maintanance or support of hostel (s) and/or boarding houses and grant of free boarding and lodging to poor and deserving pupils upon such terms and for such period in each case as the Trustees may think fit.
  • Grant of endowments atr universities research institutions and other educational and scientific. institutions (whether now existing or thereinafter established ) for spread of education and knowledge in any branch of knowledge.
  • Awarding scholarships, fellowship or loans on such tens condition as the Trustees may think fit for purpose of undertaking .executing and encouraging education and in particular reserch works in any branch of science.
  • To administer educational social ,econimic, culture and all round development programs for the promising and talented persons in general.
  • Setting up of hospitals or other medical institutions and running them or granting of subscription and donations to hospitals, dispensaries, asylums, nursing homes and other public institutions for administering medical and basic help and relief to the poor and needy.
  • To publish periodicals, journals, magazines etc. to educate and enlinghten the common folk.
  • Grant of medicals aid ,food and shelter, clothes etc.to the descriving persons during epidemics, famine, natural calamities and of war like situations.
  • On behalf of the trust, for the development and constrution of trust schools, colleges and takeover of the school/colleges and other welfare activities of the similar nature in the interest of the society or any other projects building to take loans, donations, gifts, charities, grants from the Goverment finacial organization. , HUDCO, banks, companies and individuals to fulfill the aim of the Trust and if any loan is taken from individual or government or no-government finacial organization, its repayment responsibility will be of the members of the Trust.
  • The money carned as a result of the Trust sponsored activities will be utilized to develop and fulfill the aims and objects of the Trust.
  • Establishment, maintenance and support of libraries and reading rooms for advancement of education and Knowledge in general.
  • Establishment of institutions and promoting or conducting programs of educational, social and economical developement in rural or backward areas.
  • Subscription, contribution and/or donations to any public charitable trust or institutions for promotion of any the aforesaid objects.
  • The surplus and unapplied portion of the said income arising in any or more year or years shall be accumulated by livesting the same and the resulting income thereof from time to time in accordance with any mandatory provisions of the income tax law applicable to the Trust and investments referred to in any other clause shall also be made in accordance with such provisions of income tax and in any of the investments in which the Trust Fund and hereunder directed or authorized to be invested.
  • Office of the trust anywhere in india shall be as the Trustees may from to time to time-think fit.